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İngilizce Pratik: Jupiter’s Red Spot Churns Out Air Hotter Than Lava

admin - 28 Temmuz 2016 - 0 comments

Sound waves from the famous storm seem to be heating the region above it, and something similar may be happening over Earth’s mountains.01_jupiter_red_spot.adapt.590.1

The famous swirling storm known as the Great Red Spot seems to be turning up the heat in the atmosphere above.
Above Jupiter’s Great Red Spot, where nonstop thunderstorms rumble and roil, it’s hotter than the hottest lava on Earth, reaching temperatures of at least 2400°F (1300°C).
It’s “the hottest temperature we’ve seen anywhere on the planet, in the upper atmosphere,” says study author James O’Donoghue of Boston University.
How, exactly, the solar system’s largest storm manages to bake the gassy layers above it hasn’t quite been worked out. But it’s likely that sound waves generated by those crashing storms travel upward and heat the atmosphere, scientists suggest today in Nature.
The new observations could help solve a long-standing problem in planetary science.
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